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 Nico malore freedom fighter

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PostSubject: Nico malore freedom fighter   Nico malore freedom fighter I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 5:30 am

NAME: Nico malore

RACE: Breton (but prefers reachman)

AGE: 24

FACTION(S): Forsworn

POLITICAL VIEWS: Supports the forsworn but thinks that with the thalmor's help he will take back the reach.

APPEARANCE: Dark skin and short black hair, he wears dark robes most of the time but will change into full forsworn armour for battles (pic coming soon)

PERSONALITY: Nico has a deep hatred for the nords because of his past and the racist stormcloaks taking over his land has not helped that. He has a dark sense of humour and does not trust anyone he has not known for a while.

CAPABILITY: proficient in one handed weapons he dual wields two of them of hurls fireballs at his enemy he tends to launch a massive attack and can't really defend well. Having been taught destruction magic and some conjuration he can use those aswell.
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Nico malore freedom fighter
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