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 K'Sharr the Khajiit Archer

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PostSubject: K'Sharr the Khajiit Archer   K'Sharr the Khajiit Archer I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2012 11:41 pm

Name: K'Sharr

Race: Khajit

Age: 21

Faction(s): None

Political Views: Legion. Well he doesn't like the ban on Talos worship *not that he worships Talos anyway.* he doesn't like the way the Stormcloaks are trying to bring about this change. He feels the Legion is protecting Skyrim and that the ban on Talos worship will be lifted in time.

Appearance: *Since I have no way to give a picture of him I will use my words.* A khajit with white fur standing 6'2 with brown shoulder length hair *with no piercings.* He tends to wear hide armor and ALWAYS wears an amulet of Mara.

Personality: He's one of those guys that's a sucker for helping people. He often will give things up to help...although he absolutly CANNOT stand the dunmer. Most people look at him and think, "he's trustable.", which is a very accurate thing. He can be trusted by almost anyone *save the dunmer.*. he is known for sometimes taking on more then he can handle. when he does that he very rarely asks for help. Though he's a softie, he will NEVER stand to here any kind of insult to a mother of any kind.

Capability: He is very talented with a bow and arrow, perhaps better then some wood elves. In the event that the enemy gets too close he uses swords or daggers to finish the job. He is quite vulnerable to sneak attacks, betrayls, and other bows.
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K'Sharr the Khajiit Archer
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