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 Vigilant Ian Cross

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PostSubject: Vigilant Ian Cross   Vigilant Ian Cross I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 10:30 am

Name: Ian Cross


Age: 17

Faction: Vigilant of Stendarr

Political Views: To be determined in the RP.

Vigilant Ian Cross ScreenShot65

Personality: The Breton, small and furtive, is a clever inversion of the typical champion- An Ysgramor or Olaf one-eye- whose strength and bravery equip him in his struggle against elves and angry dragons. In this sense, Ian can be seen as a very religious paragon of priests. Priesthood celebrates the power of humility: it teaches that strength of character triumphs over strength of arms, that the path to salvation lies through sacrifice- even self-sacrifice - in the face of a greater power.

Throughout even the lowest and most helpess points of the journey, Ian remains relentlessly progmatic and optimistic. Ian's goodness, wisdom, and generally impeccable character solidifies his fellowship with Redaira and Aventus on the grounds that his indomitable will makes up for his lack of experience and strength.

Ian is endowed with a temperment well suited to resist evil. He is brave, selfless, thoughtful, wise, observant, and unfailingly polite. Unlike the common run of provincial, self-satisfied Forsworn, Ian is curious about the outside world and knowledgeable about the traditions of the Vigilants. As everyone Redaira to Aventus to Keeper Corsette notices, there is something special about Ian, something that sets him apart from the rest of his bloodthirsty kin- a fineness, perhaps, or inner strength.

His smile is the joyous bubbling of the sapphire river. The fair off call of the beckoning clouds. The warmth within the home. The keeper of grass. He is gentle and polite. Kind-hearted and loyal. With his undying love for nature and its beauty and fascination with what lies within Skyrim and beyond, he hears the laughter of those around him and takes time to tell the great tales of old. He surrounds himself with compassion and hope. He gives comfort to those in need. He judges you not by what you wear; Whether your garment is of a color of gray or gold, black or white, or merely scales or fur. Whether you wear some gold or trinkets, or decorate yourself with stones and diamonds. He knows you, for who you are inside of you. Not for your smiles; for smiles can be false. Not for your looks; for looks can decieve. Not for your appearance; for that won't last. And not for your clothes; for that only covers. He is a friend to that you inside of you. Indifferent to your dose of limitations; Forgiving your human flaws of character. Unyielding to the rumors and gossip about you; for the eyes within see even more. He sees you with the eyes of soul; for he bears Stendarr's mercy and his God is forgiving.

Capability: Ian is not Redaira, nor even Aventus; he has no otherwordly arcane sorcery or even physical prowess. Ian is initially so weak he can barely escape the death-dusted mountains of the Reach without the help of Vigilant Redaira and Aventus.

He does, however, have an inherit knowledge of wards and alteration, giving him an unflinching fortitude to physical assaults and a deep resistance to elemental spells when combined with the magical resistance granted to his bloodline.

He does not wear armor like his other two counterparts, as he is more reliant on the altered state of his skin than the less durable and encumbersome iron and steel. He does, however, make it a habit to carry a heavy steel shield and a sanctified steel mace that strikes fear into lesser undead creatures.

Not having the clanky and loud greaves of his companions, he is often relied on for the more stealthy approaches. Fortunately, the primitive nature of the forsworn in unison with his short stature has made him lightfooted and cautious in his step, though he is by no means has the level of stealth of a trained assassin.

As a child he was never a skilled hunter or marksmen like most of his bretheren, and was often sent to gather herbs and other ingridients for making potions with the girls, while the boys brought back elk and bears. Though this was frowned upon greatly by his tribe, it made him a reliable alchemist and asset to the Vigilants of Stendarr.

His speech consistently modest and humble and his charitable nature has earned him the repect of many merchants and they often give him discounts on the account of his deeds.
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PostSubject: Re: Vigilant Ian Cross   Vigilant Ian Cross I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 11:28 pm

he looks pretty old for a 17 year old *it's a great thing about Khajiit and Argonians...you can't distinguish age.*
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Vigilant Ian Cross
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