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 telumjae the argonian mage

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PostSubject: telumjae the argonian mage   telumjae the argonian mage I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 11:33 am

Name: Telumjae (tea-loom-jay)

Race: Argonian

Age: 36

Factions: College of Winterhold

Political Views: Telumjae, or Jae as he prefers, does not concern himself with politics but focuses on his mastery of magic.

Appearance: he has dark green scales and bright red feathers on his head and facial distinction that make him stand out from the ordinary Argonians. He is very lithe in build and as such relies more on his magic than physique in battle. He wears standard enchanted adept mage robes and hood. As well as an amulet of julianos

Personality: Jae lacks social graces as he spends more time torching people than talking to them, that is not to say he can’t just that in most cases they are preoccupied with tying to kill him. Because of this Jae is wary of new people secretly but outwardly is very sociable. Many of his colleagues believe him to be a bit on the mad side due to his incessant rambling when he is working on a problem. Other than that he seems like any other Argonian. He is devoted to his studies and will go to any means he deems necessary to accomplish his goals.

Capabilities: Jae has a basic understanding of all forms of magic. However, he excels in the fields of Alteration, and Destruction, and is decently trained in Restoration. He has no skill whatsoever with armor so he relies heavily on his skill in Alteration to protect him and likewise Destruction magic to take care of undesirables. As such he carries large amounts of magicka restorative potions, because to empty his reserve would be the death of him in battle.
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telumjae the argonian mage
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