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 Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc

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Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc Empty
PostSubject: Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc   Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 2:32 am

Name: Rithle Joy-Killer

Race: Redguard-Nord

Age: 25

Faction(s): None

Political Views: Neutral

Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc Screen13

Rather opposite of her brother, she is down to earth and a skeptic, constantly shooting down most of Nistac’s wild ideas. Despite this, she is hot-tempered, easy to anger and eager to brawl. Personal insults fail to faze her, but attacks to her family or heritage are instant berserk buttons. Her perpetual crankiness feeds into her lust for battle, her brash nature fueling it, and she places much value in masculinity.

With some minor instruction and years of getting her own feel for things, she is skilled with an axe and shield, and a decent shot with a bow and arrow. She moves pretty well with heavy armor, and has the endurance to match it, going mostly in iron, and is also a fair blacksmith, as far as things go.
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Rithle Joy-Killer, Soul-Trapper and Merc
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