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 Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc

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Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc Empty
PostSubject: Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc   Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 9:55 pm

Name: Nistac the Barnacle

Race: Redguard-Nord

Age: 25

Faction(s): None

Political Views: Neutral

Appearance: Nistac sports white-blue eyes and dark skin as a result of mixed heritage. His black hair has been shaved to make him less of a liability in battle. He stands tall and is built like a laborer – strong but no muscle memory for any actual combat usage. Whilst traveling, Nistac prefers to wear Legion leathers despite not actually being in the said faction. The leathers themselves belong to his father as he was unable to purchase his own equipment due to spending all of his earnings on books and alchemical equipment. Though they were originally designed for scouts or fleet-footed warriors, Nistac placed powerful enchantments on them over the years to place them on serviceability close to standard mage robes.

Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc ScreenShot108

Nistac is curious and somewhat unpredictable, quick to come up with new ideas and experiments that not always have a favorable effect. He is somewhat sensitive and takes insults very personally. However, he’s not quick to anger and would value the more passive approach with the least punch throwing. He’s also somewhat naïve, which attributes to his idealistic nature and tendency to easily lend trust when asked (unless they make their guile painfully obvious).

A characteristic shared between the twins is their inherit obstinacy. Coupled with optimism, Nistac sees a thousand failures as a thousand steps toward the end. When he thinks he has something, he is known to be doggedly obsessed with whatever experiment is at hand and will forgo rest and sustenance in order to reach the conclusion if left unchecked.

Despite his amiable personality, he has no fear of gore and blood and has been shown to be fascinated by what most would consider disturbing.

Nistac is not much of a fighter, preferring to do his part before the battle begins by providing his sister with enchanted equipment and a batch of potions. In order to aid Rithle in their various jobs, he is an apprentice in the magic school of Destruction and knows bits and bobs of all the other schools such as Oakflesh, Heal, Heal Others, the light spells, and the most important one of all: Soul Trap.

The occasional training from Rithle has made him a decent mace user, but he’s only mastered the basics so far. He either has no capacity to learn more advanced techniques or is too engrossed in magical studies to pursue a more physical education.

With their recent adventuring, he has become proficient at soul trapping and likes to carry a stock of empty soul gems of all kinds at all times.
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Nistac the Barnacle, Soul Trapper and Merc
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