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 Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin

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Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin Empty
PostSubject: Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin   Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2012 3:10 am

NAME: Alaric Taranis

RACE: Altmer

AGE: 137, but because he is a vampire, he looks to be about 18.

FACTION(S): College of Winterhold; Dark Brotherhood.

POLITICAL VIEWS: Neutral, but sympathizes with the Stormcloaks (He hates the Thalmor with a passion).

APPEARANCE: Has dark, black hair that reaches just past his shoulders. He's quite tall and youthful, has icy blue eyes and generally dresses in robes. Due to his vampirism, he is paler than normal and is quite lithe, making him fluid and graceful in his movements. Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin Enb2012_2_19_5_47_36

PERSONALITY: His generally cheerful and youthful appearance serves him well as an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, and he is really quite pleasant when not working on a contract. He likes to joke sometimes, but usually in a satirical or sarcastic manner. He is loyal to his guild-mates and to his friends, viewing betrayal as a capital offense, and considering what he does in his spare time, he encourages people not to betray him. Though he is loyal, he will not reveal things to just anyone, no, his trust has to be earned BEFORE he will confide in you. His vampiric blood doesn't hinder him much as far as hungering goes, he has had years to adapt and restrain himself, and as such, people have no need to guard their necks when working with him.

CAPABILITY: Specializes in C.A.R.D. magic (Conjuration, Alteration, Restoration, and Destruction), and as far as crafts go, Enchanting has had to become a way of life in an attempt to bypass his natural weaknesses. Anyone can behead someone with a sword, but in order for Alaric to do so, they must first be: Out cold, on the floor, and not moving an inch. Armor is no better, if you handed him a set of bracers, be prepared to see him bend to put them on his legs. That is how little experience he has with any and all armor. While not skilled with a bow, he does know which end the arrows come out, and he can use it IF the occasion calls for it, but he will never hasten to do so.
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Alaric Taranis; Vampiric Mage & Assassin
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