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 Malice the Dreadknight

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PostSubject: Malice the Dreadknight   Malice the Dreadknight I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 9:34 pm

Name: Malice

Race: Dunmer

Age: 47

Faction: Dark Brotherhood/?????

Political Views: Malice supposedly has prior history as an Imperial Legionnaire named Vaedryn dating back to the Great War. Recent involvement with the Dark Brotherhood removes all stigma of the honour he has earned as a Legionnaire.

Appearance: (Picture coming soon.)

Adorned in black steel armor, Malice stands at an immense 6 feet 4 inches, rivaling most Altmer despite his Dunmer origins. He has long flowing hair that trails down to his cheeks on most sides. A skull design is on his face and two blood-harvested rubies shine in it's sockets.

It should be noted that Malice keeps a hidden tattoo on the back of his right hand wrapped in gauze.


Malice is in essence the straight man of the Dark Brotherhood, the time-worn battle-hardened veteran that cuts through the lies or manipulations of those around him and tries to point out the truth. As such, he tends to be introverted and a strange mixture of mystery and logic.

Malice is the strong silent type with a brusque personality. Abrupt and curt in manner or speech and discourteously blunt.

Malice shows no true signs of attachment to anyone. He is often cruel and callous to others, even towards members of his own brotherhood.

Tends to see the race of man as weak, but admires those with great wisdom or skill.

Hates the beast races with a passion, especially Argonians. This is most likely rooted from his origins in Morrowind.

His actions often lead to the questioning of his true intentions and the placement of his allegiances.


Unlike the vast majority of his counterparts in the Dark Brotherhood. Malice prefers to wear Heavy Armor and wields a various mixture of conjured weapons on the battlefield, but favors his conjured battleaxe he has come to call "Gravedigger".

His knowledge of the Arcane arts of both Conjuration and Necromancy in unison with his death-clouded heavy armor has earned him the title of Dreadknight amongst his bretheren in the sanctuary. Most have even deemed him worthy of the name "Malice" for his brute strength and ruthlessness in battle.
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Malice the Dreadknight
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