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 Arya (Profile)

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PostSubject: Arya (Profile)   Arya (Profile) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 2:46 am

This character was already approved on the FF forums. Just reposting here for reference, if that's okay. Smile
Name: Arya

Race: Mix of Imperial and Nord blood

Age: 20

Faction(s): None (yet)

Political Views: Neutal. Arya is a newcomer to Skyrim and has no considerable knowledge of Stormcloack or Empire activities in Skyrim.

Appearance: Arya stands 5' 5" tall and has a slender, yet toned, physique. She inheirited shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes from her Imperial mother, but also recieved the year-round pale skin of her father, who is a full-blooded Nord.

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Personality: Arya is somewhat quiet and calculating, and has a tendancy to over-think simple things. Though she is most often slow to be provoked, she will not hesitate to defend herself against anyone who threatens her. When first meeting Arya, others might take her to be uptight and suspicious, though she also has a lighthearted side once she begins to trust someone. She takes good care of her friends, and is non-judgemental towards other races. She has a dislike for people who bully or betray others, and finds comfort in true companionship.

Capability: Arya is a skilled horsewoman, and fights with a short, one-handed blade. Due to her small size, she fights in light, leather armour and carries no shield, which leaves her vulnerable to attacks from opponents who use large weapons. She, however, has learned to be quick on her feet and dodge well to try and compensate for this weakness. She has no skill in archery and almost none in magic, which leaves her at a disadvantage when it comes to ranged combat. She has had extremely limited training in Restoration magic, only knowing the most simple of healing spells. (EDIT - to be clear, I did not mean dagger when I said short blade. Just a small sword. Smile END EDIT)
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Arya (Profile)
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