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 Minerva Cassell; Healer

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PostSubject: Minerva Cassell; Healer   Minerva Cassell; Healer I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 10:53 pm

Name: Minerva Cassell

Race: Breton

Age: 20

Faction(s): Associates some with the Mages' College, but isn't a full member; Sometimes works as a Healer for The Companions, but again, she is not a member.

Political Views: Neutral, thinks both sides are morons.

Appearance: Golden blonde hair which comes down to her shoulder-blades, bright blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, 5'10". Usually clothed in a dress or enchanted Monk's robes. Very attractive.
Minerva Cassell; Healer Enb2012_2_19_22_3_50

Personality: A bit serious, but not deathly so. She likes a good joke, but not puns or pathetic attempts at sarcasm (which she knows how to wield quite nicely). She is a brilliant speaker, able to motivate people with only a few words, or sway them her way with her silver tongue. She is generally positive, but since she is a girl who has been traveling on her own for only a short while, she is also a bit wary and/or skittish. A hopeless romantic, she is constantly either falling for someone or playing Mara's Little Helper. She is a goody-goody at heart, not outright murdering people and not stealing, but she is most definitely NOT afraid to defend herself or those around her. She also has no qualms against raising the bodies of her enemies to fight alongside her, though she is no necromancer and does not raid crypts for bodies.

Capability: Skilled in Illusion, Restoration, and Conjuration, she can almost always charm herself out of a sticky situation with her magic or call help forth from Oblivion, but she will usually beat around the bush rather than burn it, using her nearly expert skill in speechcraft (63) to capture her audience. She can use only the weakest Destruction spells and only three Alteration spells, Equilibrium, Magelight & Oakflesh. Her skills with any melee weapon are dismal as are her armors skills. The only weapon she can really use is her Mystical Bow. Her sneak is okay, as she would often go hunting with her brother in the forests around Riverwood, but she is definitely not going to be doing any spy-like kills. She is adept at Enchanting things as she would like to one day be a court-wizard, and she is in between novice and apprentice in Alchemy.

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Minerva Cassell; Healer
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