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 Dar'savi Khajiit Assassin

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PostSubject: Dar'savi Khajiit Assassin   Dar'savi Khajiit Assassin I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2012 3:16 pm


Race: Khajiit


Faction(s): Dark Brotherhood

Political Views:Neutral (though shows resentment to the imperials)

Appearance:Gray fur with white around the mussel. Green eyes and light gray hair pulled back into a pony tail. She almost always wears the Dark Brotherhood shroud armor and a black cloak around it .

Personality: A hardened assassin, she takes no pity nor feels remorse for her targets. While she'll speak hardly a unnecessary word if she's close to her contract, she'll be more than willing to talk when not on a job. As an assassin, Dar'savi couldn't care less about the civil war as it would interfere with her line of work.

Capability: As a Khajiit, she excels at stealth and lockpicking. Her preferred weapons of choice is ether a bow and arrow or dual daggers. She has also dabbled in Alchemy, usually for mixing deadly poisons. On the other end, she knows no magic of any kind nor know how to wield two handed weapons. She prefers the assassin's armor as it's more maneuverable and far less noisy than heavy armor.
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Dar'savi Khajiit Assassin
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