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 Do'Zaro, the Carthay-Raht Khajiit, Enchantress-Blacksmith

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Do'Zaro, the Carthay-Raht Khajiit, Enchantress-Blacksmith Empty
PostSubject: Do'Zaro, the Carthay-Raht Khajiit, Enchantress-Blacksmith   Do'Zaro, the Carthay-Raht Khajiit, Enchantress-Blacksmith I_icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2012 5:38 am

Name: Do'zaro

Race: Cathay-raht Khajiit

Age: 29

Faction(s): Companions

Political Views: She prefers Imperialism mostly because of it's structure and the lack of open racism. She also finds no real use in fighting as a Stormcloak since Talos is not the main god she worships and she doesn't care too much for some of their fighters.

Appearance: (I do not have this game on the computer, please forgive me) Do'zaro is of the Cathay-raht species branch of Khajiit. She stands at 6'3" and has wiry, powerful muscle beneath almost entirely black fur. If someone looks closely enough, she actually has spots all over her body. She has intense eyes: one is green, the other golden. On her face, she bears white markings and has a dark brown mane that is beginning to grow back. Both of her ears are piercwe with three golden earrings. She wears specially hand-crafted Ebony Armor.

Personality: Do'zaro has the tendency to be overly serious when it comes to joking around and has little patience for dramatics. When she is completely decked out in her armor, she can make quite the impression. When she is not engaged in conversation or fighting, she can be found sitting in a meditative state. But when traveling, she is hyper aware of her surroundings. Being a foreigner, Do'zaro doesn't completely understand the reason for the civil war and generally stays out of areas fights take place. She is content with not being the center of attention, as evidenced by her being decked out in all black. Do'zaro is also steeped in her religion and carries an amulet of Baan Dar.

She suffers from a serious addiction to Moon Sugar and tries to balance it out by eating sugared pastries and meats. However, she still carries a small bag of the stuff almost obsessively and knows how to make it. Her wanting to get off of Moon Sugar is fairly recent, so she can fall off the wagon easily if the cravings are too much.

Capability: Like many Khajiit in Skyrim, Do'zaro is a master of the one-handed weapons and bows. Unlike many in Skyrim, Do'zaro is not good at pickpocketing and picklocking due to her less-than-normal stature; Her sneaking is very good since she hunted alot for her early blacksmithing and Companion jobs. Her real non-combative talents lie in blacksmithing and enchantments since she had to make a lot of her own armor, shields, and swords growing up. She learned the trade of enchanting while learning her bow techniques and is surprisingly adept at it. She does not enchant many of her own things, but rather sells enchanted armor, weapons, or jewelry.

She has immense stamina and can last in long battles effectively. She can also sprint in heavy armor longer than a Nord can. Do'zaro has few spells at her disposal, the only ones being Lightning Bolt and Spark. She can only cast them once and for a minute respectively. Do'zaro usually carries a Legnadary Ebony Sword, an Epic Ebony shield, and a Legendary Ebony bow with Steel Arrows as her weapons and lifelong companions. However, she may dual wield two swords if another is available. Do'zaro's just as intelligent as the next Khajiit and was known in her previous job for her battle plans and fluidity.

Fun Fact: It has been rumored that if brought the right materials, Do'zaro is so skilled as a blacksmith that she can construct Daedric Armor and Weapons. Maybe even Dragonbone and Dragonscale armor is within her knowledge...
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Do'Zaro, the Carthay-Raht Khajiit, Enchantress-Blacksmith
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