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 Saeria Nelnaril

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PostSubject: Saeria Nelnaril   Saeria Nelnaril I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 27, 2012 7:55 pm

Name: Saeria Nelnaril

Race: Altmer

Age: 25 (relative)

Factions: Thalmor

Political Views: Pro-Dominion

Saeria Nelnaril ScreenShot45

Personality: Generally straight-laced and professional, she is a justicar dedicated to the cause. She is all about the supposed justice of the Thalmor, believing that the end justifies the means so long as the end is in the right. She's very pious about it – to an arguably self-righteous extent, and takes great pleasure in proving people wrong. Very keen and observant, her precision is the result of her OCD-level fixation on neatness. She frets about the details, preferring to pick at the right spots instead of tackling anything head on. Very proud, Saeria is quick to anger when mocked, but is rational enough to hide it. A passive-aggressive type, any malice or contempt generally manifests itself in stealthy insults and low-blows masked in off-hand comments, sometimes petty in nature. Though she is highly ill-disposed towards the human races, her treatment of other Mer is usually on par with that of her own race. A bit of a sadist, enjoys messing with people's heads - manipulative.

Capability: Adept at Restoration and Alteration magic, alchemy, and the charm end of the Illusion spectrum (with some chameleon and invisibility). Mild skill with Destruction, but not to the level of her partner. Has a quick and precise hand with a dagger, but good for little but surprise strikes and torture. On the off hand of that, intimate with racial anatomies and the mind, having knowledge of where and which part to target for results, and the right things to say. Capable in hand-to-hand combat, but only for brief encounters, mainly serving for escape or self-defense – otherwise, works as more of a support in battle. In regards to more political dealings, has a persuasive manner.
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Saeria Nelnaril
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